Lyman Runabout

This 13′ 1950s Lyman runabout came to the shop with the “fresh-water-boat-stored-in-a-barn blues”:  rot, some damage to the structure from years of pressure on the trailer rollers, and the residue of a family of porcupine squatters who felt that the forepeak made a nice cozy living room and late-night snack.  All of her varnish was cracked and water-damaged, and under the flaking, painted-over varnish inside, the plank faces had lots of shallow damage, as did the surfaces of the frames.

Fortunately, she also has a family that really wanted her back in the water, good original materials and a whole lot of charm.  After a combination of repairs, new structural improvements, new floorboards, some high-tech potions, and a healthy dose of paint and varnish, she’s headed back home!

It’s hard to think of a nicer boat for cruising around a Maine lake — here’s wishing her family many idyllic summer afternoons in this little craft!